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Computer Repair & Maintenance

We service all computers - PC or Mac, laptop or desktop, store bought or custom built. 

Broken screen? Harddrive failure? Processor overheating? We can help. 


Whether your email app isn't working the way you need it to, or your operating system isn't operating as it should, we can help. 

Data Recovery & Transfer

Our techs can usually recover data from damaged devices. From there, we can transfer it to a storage device or a new computer!


Malicious pop-ups, suspicious links, devious downloads - we can help. 

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No idea what's wrong? That's okay, too! We're happy to help, and do our best to explain the problem and prevent it from coming back. 

Updates & Upgrades

Whether you're thinking of upgrading your device, or it's time for something new, we can order & install compatible parts. 


On-Site Service

Whether you need help setting up a home office, troubleshooting your network setup, or you simply can't make it in to our store, we can come to you!

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