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IT Services & Data Solutions

As a local small business with nearly 15 years serving the Ames area, we fully understand the tech needs - and budgetary concerns - of our peers. 

We offer a comprehensive library of services to meet your needs and stay within your budget. We take pride in helping small businesses, from a single person to full-scale offices with 30+ workstations. 

Rather than letting tech issues disrupt your business operations, let us boost your uptime and keep your IT infrastructure secure and operational. 

  • On-premises & in-shop service as needed

  • Pay only for labor and hardware


All Ames-area businesses are welcome to utilize this level of service! 


While reactive service may spare you a monthly cost, it often results in paying large sums towards rush repairs, new devices, installations & data recovery that may have been unnecessary with basic preventative care and planning. 

Proactive Plan

In addition to the basic standards available with A La Carte service, Proactive customers benefit from:

  • Prioritized On-site & Remote support

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Patch Management

  • Antivirus Managment

  • Monthly Reporting & Review available

  • Core Security

  • End-User Security & Data Protection

  • Core Network Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Fully Automated Off-site Backup​ available

Apply a standard level of protection across your office network to keep your platform safe and stable.

A La Carte
  • Select only the services you want, at a fixed monthly rate

  • On-site & in-shop service, as needed

  • Automated maintenance

  • Lite monitoring

  • Reporting available

  • Optional off-site backup

A basic level of preventative care, tailored to your exact preferences.

Managed Service

Including all benefits of Proactive service, Managed Service offers:

  • Prioritized Remote & On-site Support, at a discounted rate

  • Advanced Monitoring

  • Backup Management

  • Layered Cybersecurity

  • Fully Automated Off-site Backup with Managed Recovery

  • Infrastructure & Growth Planning

Managed Service is designed to help businesses keep their technology working consistently, and to keep data secure and compliant. 

If your day-to-day operations rely on your IT infrastructure to generate revenue, the monthly cost of a Managed Services plan is minimal compared to the costs associated with unexpected technical failure or a data security breach. 

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