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Making Tech Work For You

Season’s Greetings! As we approach the year’s end, reflecting on the trials and triumphs we faced in our most recent revolution around the Sun, many of us start thinking about what healthy changes we can implement in the New Year. This year our articles covered a range of topics meant to demystify some basic principles of device maintenance and security. Our goal is to educate our community on tech topics that can help alleviate potential frustrations and mitigate safety concerns before they strike. Make a resolution to make technology work better for you, and help us help you keep it!

To provide the best support, we need your input! What do you want to learn about in 2019? You’re welcome to leave us a message anytime, using the green chat icon in the bottom right hand corner to let us know what topics you would be most interested in, or to ask a question. We’re also available on Facebook and LinkedIn! Check out our Contact page for more ways to reach us.

If you’re interested in a more hands-on approach to keep your data secure and your devices in good shape, ask us about ProCare. We can service a single device or an entire office, providing features like network support, antivirus, secure offsite backups, and remote monitoring, maintenance, and assistance. We also offer prioritized on-site service at a discounted rate to ProCare clients, and we’re always happy to help upgrade existing systems to better meet the user’s needs. Our techs are here to help find a solution that works for you, to keep your tech working better, longer.

So, ask away! Make 2019 the year that we tame technology together and bask in the benefits of a secure, optimized system. Happy New Year from your friends at HomeTown Tech!

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